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Zoom Zoom Deck

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    Mike Bornstein’s Zoom Zoom Deck is a quick gag that can be used at any point in your show. It is suitable for close-up, stage and all venues in between.

    The Effect:
    As you begin to do a card routine you call attention to your deck of cards and toss it to a spectator in the audience. As the boxed deck comes flying towards their face it quickly stops short and comes back to you. The startled spectator often reacts with a scream as the audience laughs at the surprise.

    Recommended For:
    Those looking for a great gag to break the ice with their audience.

    Trick Specifications:
    Comes complete with photo-illustrated instructions and a Zoom Zoom Deck.

    Skill Level:Easiest.
    Category: Card Tricks.

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    Review by mgeek
    Ease Of Use
    Das Coolnes (Posted on 8/20/09)
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