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X-Ray Vision

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  • Product Description


    Brent Geris' new and improved version of the Jeff Ezell classic.

    The Effect:
    A card is chosen, then lost in the deck. The spectator uses X-Ray Vision to find it by actually see through the cards. The card is seen to be a reversed x-ray version of the chosen card, but just for a moment... and then it vanishes.

    Recommended For:
    Card and Close-up magicians.

    Trick Specifications:
    Comes with specially made gimmicks and instructions.

    Skill Level:Easy.
    Category: Card Trick.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by poo goo
    Ease Of Use
    Ignore The Review Saying This Is Bad And That Its Hard To Get The Gimmick On To Their Card. This Is Simply Not True. This Trick Is Very Easy And Uses The Most Basic Sleight Of Hand That All Magicians Can Do. I Gave It A 2 On Value Because It Is Extremely Overpriced For A One Card Gimmick Plus Instructions. (Posted on 9/3/11)
    Review by soren
    Ease Of Use
    This Really Sucks Because Its Hard To Have The Gimick On Top Of It And The U Have To Have It On There Card (Posted on 3/8/10)
    Review by ryannichols121
    Ease Of Use
    Great I Just Got Learned It And Tryed It On My Dad He Said That He Dont Know What Had Happen So Yea I Recken I Would Get It For Anyone Has A Little Practice In Magic (Posted on 12/31/08)
    Review by easy
    Ease Of Use
    You Should Make A Video Of This (Posted on 9/7/08)
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