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Wizard PK Sharpie by Wizard FX - Trick

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    PK Sharpie to use with the Wizard PK Ring.
    Just one of the accessories for the Wizard PK range of products.

    You are supplied with Sharpie that has been specially gimmicked. The Sharpie you are supplied with will also write so you can use it as normal.
    Here are a couple of straightforward routines.

    ROUTINE 1: Spinning pen
    Taking the lid off a bottle you place the pen with the flat sides on top of the bottle. Using both hands to do some passing gestures your spectator will see the pen spin around on top of the bottle, stopping at your command.

    ROUTINE 2: Rolling pen
    After placing the pen on a smooth surface you bring your hands towards the pen and you will find that the pen will roll over and stopping at your command.

    Once you start experimenting with these pens you will come up with many other routines and tricks that can be done with the PK Pens utilising the Wizard PK Ring.

    Includes one gimmicked Sharpie and instruction sheet.
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