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Wings by Amos Levkovitch & The Miracle Factory

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    75 Minutes of Expert Dove Magic Secrets
    Insights on Dove Effects, Training, and Care
    Ingenious Production Techniques
    Live Amos dove performance

    Hosted by Jeff Hobson

    From Hobson's Lecture Network Archives

    Highlights include:
    Amos' Dove Act
    The Automatic-Opening Dove Holder
    Shaping a Loop
    Safely Loading a Dove
    Sleeve Variations: Fire, Egg, Gloves
    Altered Sleeves and Cuffs
    Setting the Holder
    Securing the Loop
    Loop Steal
    Releasing the Dove
    Safely Loading the Dove
    Throw Production
    Training a Dove to Return
    Pros and Cons of the Harness
    Issues of Coloring a Bird
    Safely Dying a Dove
    The Giant Aviary
    Types of Water and Feeders
    The Best Dove Food
    Perches: Size, Cleaning, Height
    Use of Grit
    Health Tips
    The Pitfalls of Trimming
    Washing Your Doves
    Caring About Your Birds

    The Infallible Match Pull:
    Types of Matches
    Striking Materials
    Preparing the Clip
    Maintaining Tension
    Improved Grip
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