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Vernon Chronicles - Volume 4

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    Finally back in print, this is a rare look into the brilliant mind of Dai Vernon.

    This fourth volume of The Vernon Chronicles is a complete chagne of pace from the three that preceded it. In the works since 1965, this enthralling anecdotal biography follows Dai Vernon from his birth to his coming to Hollywood's world-famous Magic Castle in 1963. As you read you will feel as if you are sitting with Dai at the Magic Castle while he shares the stories and experiences of his lifetime.

    You will learn far more magic here than from any mere book of tricks as Dai talks about his "Attack on Magic", "Practice", "On Using Trick Cards", "Secrets", Effects Defined", "Shade", "Authority", "Great Tricks", "Classics" and "What's Wrong With Magic".

    Dai describes the techniques he used to establish his world-wide reputation and introduces you to many legends of magic his idols, such as the great Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser and Max Malini. His inspirations - Nate Leipzig, Dr. James Elliott, the Challenge Card Champion of the World, and J. Warren Keane. Many others including Harry Houdini, Jud Cole, Fred Keating, Jarrow, Cliff Green, and Tommy Downs as well as such colorful and intriguing characters as Mr. Shock, The Mysterious Kid, Old Snakey Davis, "Slip the Jit" Harry, and Garnet Lee, the Chinaman's toy.

    The story of the greatest natural magician the world has ever seen - the fantastic story of the man who fooled Houdini.

    Recommended For:
    Magicians and magic historians wanting to learn magic from one of its great masters.

    Pages 308 - Hardcover, 67 historical photographs

    Skill Level:Intermediate to Advanced.
    Category: Magic Books.

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