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V-Max Astrojax

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    The V-Max Astrojax differs from Astrojax Plus in that it uses smooth polycarbonate balls for faster action. This high-tech design minimizes friction and allows for fast, smooth action when playing. Each set of Astrojax comes with a docking station for carrying and storing your Astrojax.


    Astrojax V-Max is offered in 3 different colors (ruby, ice blue and lime colors). Each set of Astrojax V-Max comes with a trick sheet to help get you started.

    About Astrojax

    Astrojax are a fascinating game all about action, rhythm and your own personal style. Three balls with special metal weights inside connected with a string is all you need to perform the most amazing tricks. Let them orbit around each other and try to invent new swinging patterns.

    Astrojax were also part of the NASA's Toys in Space program when astronauts on the International Space Station played with a set of Astrojax in 2002. Asked whether Astrojax works in space, astronaut Peggy Ann Whitson said: "Astrojax are actually a lot of fun here in space too" and went on demonstrating the toy.

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