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Twisted Blizzard

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    Twisted Blizzard was the hit of the Blackpool Magic Convention 2010.

    The Effect:
    The magician asks for a card value from one spectator and then the suit from another. When the cards are spread, all the cards are seen to be blank on the face. All the cards, except the named card.

    Twisted Blizzard is without doubt a giant leap forward in card magic, this reputation building effect can be learned in just 10 minutes. The custom printed Bicycle deck performs 95% of all the work for you.

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for those that want a high-impact trick without the sleight of hand.

    Trick Specifications:
    Includes Special Deck and Instructional DVD. Running Time: Approximately 34mins

    Skill Level: Easy.
    Category: Card Trick.

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    Review by Grant
    Ease Of Use
    The deck appears to be of good quality (although I am no expert on these things), and the effect is exactly as easy to perform as advertised. (Don't let your audience know that, of course! Let them think you're the most incredible magician in the world!) The instructional DVD is extremely well-done; in addition to teaching you how to use the deck to perform two different effects, it also goes into the history of what inspired this deck in the first place. If there's one caveat, it's that you don't finish clean. Experience has taught me that if one isn't careful, the spectator, having never seen blank cards before, might decide to be grabby and inspect them. Thus, I establish early on that I want a random card picked without them touching the cards, and then when I reveal that the selected card is the only one that was printed, I say, "Now you see why I didn't want you touching them! You have to pay Bicycle a lot of money to print less on the card!" I haven't had a problem with grabby spectators since, and I doubt that an actual skilled magician (as opposed to me) would have any such problems, either.

    I have a lot of fun showing this trick to people, and believe that this deck deserves a place alongside the Svengali deck, the invisible deck, and the stripper deck in any list of beginner-friendly trick decks. It's rather pricier than those decks, but I think it's been worth it so far. (Posted on 1/24/14)
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