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Travelling Deck 2.0

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    Now with a brand new second gimmick, not only are you able to vanish a pack of cards but the box as well!

    Hold a card box with you hand; instantly, in front of the spectator, the card box disappears leaving you with a single card. Just as instantly you can make the whole deck disappear leaving you with a single card right in front of your spectator.

    Imagine the scene - you take a pack of cards out of a card box.Then the entire deck vanishes with the exception of one card.You explain to the spectator that the deck has gone back inside the card box. You go back to the card box and take out the pack of cards - Amazing!

    This is one of many routines that are possible with the 'Travelling Deck' gimmick.
    Each gimmick is custom made, by hand.

    The accompanying DVD explains a range of possible 'Travelling Deck' routines; for example, change a deck of cards into a currency note or a 52 on 1 card. We explain how to modify and repair your gimmick if necessary. Also included on the DVD are four, complete routines as well as a host of ideas and suggestions.

    You will find it hard to put the 'Travelling Deck' down. It's fun to perform and peoples' reactions to it are just out of this world!

    No pulls, toppits or difficult sleights.

    The perfect opening for any table hopper.
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    Review by Brett
    Ease Of Use
    good card trick the dvd instruction is very detailed and easy to pick up.
    simple and easy to pick up loads of great ideas.loved it AAA (Posted on 4/30/14)
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