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TNT Reloaded by Wayne Dobson - Trick

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    Here is the latest effect from Wayne Dobson and updated version of one of this classics - This, That, Nothing - an incredible mentalism effect that you can carry around in your wallet!

    TNT or This, That Nothing was conceived after seeing the excellent effect "Free Will". In fact at the end of the routine is a wonderful subtlety that is used in Free Will!

    Effect- You show a prediction card which you lay down on the table. You then show three black plastic credit cards which have the words THIS, THAT, NOTHING, written on each card respectively. The cards are turned face down so that the words cannot be seen and the spectator is told to shuffle the 3 cards.

    The spectator is given a choice of which card to hold, which card the magician should hold and which to leave on the table. Even when asked if the spectator wants to swap cards with the magician the prediction is always correct.

    This mentalism effect is great as a carry round trick to perform at a moments notice. 

    Provided with Black Plastic Credit card style prediction cards and plastic wallet as well as instructions and routine.
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