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TKO 2.0

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    Michael Ammar presents TKO 2.0 created by Jeff Kaylor. TKO 2.0 is a utility device that works with any button-up shirt. It allows you to perform all of the clean and visual vanishes of the original TKO while adding the killer card techniques made possible by the Ultimate Card Control Utility (UCCU).

    They have the questions. Do you have the answer?

    Is it in YOUR OTHER HAND?
    Can you do that AGAIN?
    Can you use MY COIN?
    Yeah, but CAN I SHUFFLE the deck?
    Can you use MY DECK?

    TKO 2.0 is THE Answer to all of these questions and more.

    TKO 2.0-allows you to secretly yet flawlessly maintain control over one or more cards while the spectator shuffles the deck. The cards can then be produced from the deck or found in an impossible location, such as an envelope that has been in plain sight the entire time.

    The Improvements:
    -All new 50-minute DVD with voice-over instructions.
    -This package includes both a black and white TKO 2.0 so that you will be prepared for any colored shirt.
    -The setup is now quicker and easier with the included custom pre-threaded sewing kit.
    -We have also included a method that requires no sewing whatsoever!
    -The construction of the utility is more durable and works better with larger coins.
    -It is designed to work with both tucked-in and untucked button-up shirts.
    -There are two built-in retrievals, one for tucked-in shirts and one for untucked shirts.
    -For untucked shirts, there is also a built-in "plinko" system that allows you to vanish coins one after the other while reducing the "clink."
    -The Ultimate Card Control Utility is built into the design.
    -New coin techniques, included a multiple-coin vanish and a one-handed coin vanish.
    -New card techniques and applications.

    Six new routines!
    -Coin matrix
    -Ring on Headphones
    -Mirage Coin
    -Quarters to Halves
    -Coin in Bottle
    -Ultimate Card to Envelope

    TKO 2.0. It'll knock you out all over again.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Michael
    Ease Of Use
    This is a great utility device. It took some time set up and a LOT of practice, but well worth it for the reactions you get. (Posted on 2/13/14)
    Review by George
    Ease Of Use
    Gimmick is well made, Truly is the best card control utility, you will get the hang of it within a week, signed card to envelope is my favorite illusion (Posted on 5/28/13)
    Review by juan
    Ease Of Use
    this trick is awesome, the gimmick is clever, but personally not a gimmick you can carry everyday since it needs a bit of setup, good for vanishes, coin magic and similar stuff, the dvd goes over all of its applications, very nice explanations, but personally buy something else, if you will buy this, make sure you learn how to sleeve... (Posted on 3/3/13)
    Review by Aksel
    Ease Of Use
    Best trick ive ever had (Posted on 3/3/13)
    Review by Jordan
    Ease Of Use
    this is truley one of the best ways to do coin vanishes, and if you do a lot of work with coins, you would be crazy not to get this. whats also awesome is it has the uccu in it so its a double hit. note this though. it does take time and effort to get this so that every thing looks smooth. but in all a wonderful addition to any street act ( a little pricey i think) but stroll very cool. (Posted on 10/29/12)
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