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Questions on TKO 2.0

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  • From Archie Meng at 10/22/12 9:10 AM
    • does this include the trick of putting a card into a spectator's wallet?
    • You can use it for that trick, however that is not taught on the DVD.
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  • From Archie Meng at 10/23/12 2:15 PM
    • hi, i love TK0 2.0 and I want to buy it. But I noticed that its says "accessories" in its category. i am just wondering is it an individual set of trick, or is it like Gecko Extreme which needs something else to perform with? Plz Respond. Thank you.
    • TKO is complete, you do have to build the gimmick but it comes with what's needed. The Gecko Extreme can only be used with the Gecko.
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