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Third Degree Burn 2.0

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    Jason Palter's Third Degree Burn was the best-selling, most mysterious, no force, impossible and versatile card blister effect ever created! Now the upgraded 2.0 version completely enhances this trick.

    The Effect:
    Ask someone to think of a card, and visualize it in their head-to burn it into their mind. It can be any card they wish; there is no force. To aid them with this "burning", you give them a lighter (or just borrow theirs). The spectator lights the lighter, and tries to visualize their card in the dancing flame. You briefly thrust your fingers into the flame, and wince with the pain. For the jaw-dropping climax, you slowly turn your fingers around, to reveal that the skin on your thumb and finger is now blistered in the shape of their freely-chosen card! You've just given'em the third degree!

    The Third Degree Burn 2.0 gimmick has been upgraded from the previous version!

    New improved features include:
    -Easier to use gimmick-redesigned and now more user-friendly.
    -Gimmick incorporates additional hole to perform original Tillar "blister" effect.
    -The gimmick is now anodized in STEALTH black.
    -Brand new DVD contains all the instructions, and now includes a PDF file with tons of bonus ideas from actual Third Degree Burn users!

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for strolling magic or mentalism acts.

    Trick Specifications:
    Comes complete and ready to go with the professional custom gimmick (made to last a lifetime), instructional DVD including PDF file with detailed manuscript, full routine, loads of bonus effects (including routines that DO NOT require the use of fire).

    Skill Level:Intermediate

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