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The Peristance by Daniel Peris - Book

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    The author, Daniel Péris, was born in Nîmes, France, in September 6, 1968. He is an atypical magician. He is a Mathematics teacher in the "Terre nouvelle" High School of Marjevols in Lozère (Southern France), and he has very soon enjoyed applying and combining mathematics principles to card routines.

    Without any claim, he has modified some effects making them, more of the time, really unexplainable, even by magicians:

    "What interests me in automatic tricks, is when they don't seem to be automatic".

    His works have been acknowledged by the magic profession in 2000 when he won an inventiveness award at the AFAP convention, thanks to a clever concept which combined the faro shuffle with the stacked deck. He received another inventiveness award in the French FFAP Championship in 2006, thanks to a new principle called the Peristance (The French conjuror Hervé Lemarchand (Mimosa) has named this principle like that) which is a generalization of the 2nd Gilbreath principle. New ways are now opened thanks to the Peristance.
    • Summary
    • Caution (Gérard Bakner)
    • Credits and thanks
    PART 1
    • Automatic Perfect Prediction - Version 1
    • Automatic Perfect Prediction - version 2
    • The incomplete control Faro
    • Automatic Perfect Prediction - version 3
    • Automatic Perfect Prediction - version 4
    • Widespread control faro incomplete
    • Diviction
    • Divination more progressive
    • Stronger
    PART 2
    • Statement of Péristance
    • Mélance Péristance
    • A memory hallucinante
    • On the lip
    • Incredible divination
    • Incredible divination of a word
    • Forcing a Supreme color
    • Prediction of a card number
    • Divination progressive amazing
    • Reflecting on Péristance
    PART 3
    • Automatic card case
    PART 4
    • The false mixture Charlier
    • The total mixture Fake French
    Afterword (Thierry Schanen)
    • In English
    • Full Color with Photos
    • A5 format (15 x 21 cm), glossy 115g

    Pages 86 - Softbound
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