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The Mark by John Murray

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    A Complete Sellout at Blackpool...

    One of the most amazing "coin to impossible location" routines you will EVER see!

    Paul Richards and Elmwood Magic are proud to bring you John Murray's classic effect, The Mark! A powerful routine that will be etched in the memory of your audience for years to come.

    A signed coin vanishes only to reappear moments later sealed in a metal key chain! The spectator can even be holding the key chain before the coin vanishes! A stunning effect that never fails to leave the audience breathless!

    Comes complete with:
    • Custom Machined Coin Set
    • Custom Key Chain
    • Satin Gift Bag
    • Detailed instructional DVD with additional ideas and insights
    This astonishing effect is easy to do and there is nothing to replace. An absolute wonder guaranteed to amaze any audience!

    "This wonderful effect was first produced and popularized by the legendary Al Cohen. It has been a long time favorite of mine. I have used it in my personal repertoire for many years and I can attest to the impact it has on every audience. I was so pleased to finally obtain the rights to this amazing effect and I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to offer it with my personal handling. I assure you that this is one effect you will use all the time!"
    - Paul Richards
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