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The Close-Up Magic of Chef Anton (2 DVD Set) - DVD

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    Whether you want to prosper in the very lucrative world of corporate entertainment and trade show conventions or, simply boost your repertoire for LIVE performance, close-up magic, this two-disc DVD set is for you.

    Known for his ability to improve on the classics such as, The Shell Game, Balls Over the Head, Dice Stacking, The Sting, The Counterfeit Money Scam, and even The Magical Half Card, these DVDs feature Chef Anton's complete close up magic act. Then, after each trick, with simple edits, he reveals the secrets, on not only how to master them, but to perfect the delivery for all walk-around and stand-up performances.

    You will find his presentation engaging, light-hearted, yet mind-blowing as you learn the Tricks of the Trade that will add power to your delivery. His explanations are thorough and filled with many of the subtleties that make Anton one of the top-earning trade show, crowd gatherers in the country today.

    Booked regularly in the Close-Up Gallery at the Magic Castle in Hollywood--where the LIVE part of this performance was captured--Chef Anton was twice nominated W. C. Fields Bar Magician of the Year at this most prestigious and exclusive club. He is also famous as the Two-Time United States Trick Shot Champion of Pool.

    Follow his example suggested on these instructional DVDs, and you, too, can create a unique and memorable show.

    Enjoy...and learn!

    Disc One Running Time: Approximately 3hr 12mins
    Disc Two Running time: Approximately 2hr 27mins
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    Review by KDinLA
    Ease Of Use
    Chef Anton is the real deal. Engaging, complex and rich performances around a variety of themes. Chef's technique is perfect and his execution, essentially, flawless.

    If you're ready to learn professional magic from a person respected and admired in the pantheons of magic, this is the DVD for you. But don't expect this to be easy. It's not for the beginner - but the intermediate magician or pro looking to take to the next level.

    Buy it. Study it. You'll be glad you did.

    (Posted on 10/24/12)
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