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The Cloak by Justin Miller - DVD

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    The Cloak is a brand new elastic hook-up that will:
    • Minimize breakage by 99%!
    • For the first time ever...freedom in your floats and animated effects that you did not have before, this has got to be seen to be believed
    • Flotation,movement,and animation on almost any object with pinpoint precision!
    • No jerky body motion or suspicious moves
    This DVD includes:
    • The cleanest most astounding, not 1 but 2 card Haunted pack ever!
    • The most bizarre card reveal EVER. The card creeps out of deck and then turns itself face-up to reveal it is the chosen card. Everything is INSTANTLY REPEATABLE and EXAMINABLE. The spectator believes they did all of the work!
    • A rising card that defies all possibilities...did I mention you NEVER TOUCH the cards... the spectator does all the work?
    • And so much more!
    Running Time Approximately 1hr 45min
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