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The Box (DVD and Gimmick) by Phil Tilston & JB Magic - DVD

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    We bring to you a real world, working effect. Without doubt this is a killer routine that builds to an impossible climax. Two cards are selected, signed and lost in any deck. In the blink of an eye the 1st card appears inside the box. The card box is flipped over to reveal, in bold permanent black marker, the name of their signed card. Under impossible circumstances, the second card appears inside the box. The spectator actually removes the card from inside the box!

    The kicker comes as you again flip over the box and now, the bold black ink says the name of the second signed card.

    The box is immediately fully examinable. Reset and ready to go again in seconds.

    Comes complete with the precision made Box and DVD.

    Works in any language, you write any cards on the box yourself.

    Points to note:
    • No flaps
    • No switching card boxes.
    • Only one box used.
    • Spectator removes the signed card
    • The Box is fully examinable
    • Resets in seconds
    • 5 magical moments built into the routine.
    DVD Features:
    The Box Full Routine - Mark performs The Box routine and then takes you through every step of the effect.
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