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The Box by Mark Southworth

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  • Product Description


    From the creative mind of Mark Southworth comes this Revolutionary step forward in the signed card to box plot...

    The Effect:

    A box with a folded card is clearly displayed trapped in rubber bands & placed into a spectators hands or pocket or nearby table. 52 cards are displayed & your spectator takes anyone & signs the card. The card is lost back inside the deck, shuffled & place away in the magicians pocket. The Box is now displayed & rubber bands removed... the card is tipped out... The spectators signed card.

    Please note that Chris is using Flash Bills in the demo which are not included.

    2 Sec Reset

    Interchangeable Gimmicks



    Includes Marks Impossible Banknote to impossible location using The Box in a way that looks like TV Magic...

    The Box

    • 1 x Red Backed Bicycle Card Gimmick
    • 2 x Extra Gimmicks... For Banknotes, Predictions etc
    • 1 x Resetting Tool
    • Routines
    • Live Chat Session With Stephen Leathwaite
    Bonus Ideas & Tips

    BONUS!! A $15.00 dollar Value FREE!

    1-Spare box

    1-lockable Prediction bag (cloth bag with eye for a padlock)

    3-extra gimmicks ( to make various card etc.)

    What Others Are Saying:

    "The Box is a mechanical marvel! Kennedy's Mystery Box updated and ultra portable. A very powerful utility box that all magicians should carry on them."

    "What a step forward in the box plot, love it !"

    "Outstanding, one of the most beautifully deceptive bits of kit in my arsenal, this should be called the sniper box, because it kills every time."

    "This is ingenious!"

    "This is THE best card to box I have ever had the pleasure to witness. It has everything that REAL magic should look like. Organic, open, and a diabolical method that sits right under their noses."

    Trick Specifications:
    DVD and Gimmicks.

    Skill Level:

    Card Tricks, Prediction.

    Geek Guarantee
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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by MrMagic
    Ease Of Use
    It could be argued this is just the Clarity box in street performance but I feel since I own one there are many subtle difference that set the two apart. Just as the Clarity box you will have to know a certain card move if you are doing a card version in the box. The beauty of this is your not limited to just cards any small folded up object will work. The teaching I feel was good but the recorded quality left a lot to be desired. Still all in all you will be able to follow along and learn it. Would suggest do not fiddle with any of it till you have watch the DVD first to avoid any accidental breakage of prop. (Posted on 6/30/14)
    Review by Jackson
    Ease Of Use
    this is a very great effect with many possibilities. A little pricey but overall a great trick. (Posted on 2/9/14)
    Review by Jeff
    Ease Of Use
    The only part I didn't care for was the way the DVD was arranged. The DVD covers everything, but there are no chapters, so if you are looking for something specific, it makes it really difficult to find. Overall, it is a great utility device and fairly easy to use. With a little care, it should last a good long while. (Posted on 1/22/14)
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