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The Art of Restaurant Gigs by Benji Bruce - Book

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    "If you are looking to book higher paying gigs from working in a restaurant, Benji tips his mitt and offers you loads of unique and interesting ideas. I have been a working pro for many years and was delighted to find so many usable tips, ideas and techniques that I will implement right away."
    - Danny Archer

    Benji Bruce is a full time Corporate Entertainer for companies like RE/MAX, HILTON, Intel, Charles Schwab, ASAE, and more. In his innovative restaurant book, Benji teaches you his techniques in marketing, performing, negotiating fees, booking gigs, and so much more. Best of all, this information is not "dated material" or "re-hashed" theories that have been printed time after time. Be warned, this is not a book on restaurant magic; but a book on business.

    This book goes into detail about how to become a full-time restaurant performer.

    Table of contents:


    Getting The Gig
    • What Is Your Purpose?
    • How To Choose A Restaurant
    • Who To Talk To
    • The Numbers Game
    Getting The Restaurant
    • The Cold Approach
    • Selling Over The Phone
    • The Rapport Method
    • Crashing Restaurants
    • Restaurant Associations
    • Using Your Networks
    • Upscale vs. Family Oriented
    The Details
    • Finding The Restaurants
    • Free Night
    • Hotel Restaurants
    • Setting Up The Deals
    • How much to charge
    • Price objections
    • Contracts
    • What to wear
    Maximizing The Gig For Profit
    • What Is Your Purpose?
    • Tricks To Perform
    • My 3 Mentalism Demonstrations
    Solidify Your Gigs
    • Direct Feedback
    • Indirect Feedback
    • The loud table
    • The stand
    Approaching Tables
    • Perform Like A Businessman
    • The Mentality
    • The Businessman Performance
    • The money
    • Guessing a name
    • Bending a signed quarter
    • The testimonial
    Getting Tables To Call You Over
    • The Poster
    • Pawning
    • Getting Tips
    • Using The Waiter
    • The Subtle Slip
    • The Trick
    • The Sign
    • The Pause
    • The Video Testimonial
    • Leave Money On The Table
    What To Do When
    • It's Slow
    • Repeat Customers
    • New Manager Takes Over
    • The Food Arrives
    • Getting A Raise
    • The Dilemma
    • Approaching Tables At Buffets
    Promoting The Restaurant
    • Facebook
    • Your profile picture
    • Your wall
    • Adding people
    • Other promotion methods
    • Your Business Card
    • Design
    • When to give your card away
    Other Business Tips

    Pages: 188 -Softcover - Perfect bound - 4.5" x 7"
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