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Tank Yo-Yo

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    The Tank is the 3rd yoyo by Dif-e-Yo in the Dif-Series line.

    The changes are subtle, but it's a whole Dif-ferent Dif-e-Yo. Only the Flush Dif-Pads and KK bearing remain the same.

    67 grams and 75 Grams with weight rings added.
    1.500” wide ( 38mm )
    2.110" diameter ( 53.594mm ) The size allows for a faster free styling yoyo.

    The axle is different and shorter making the center stud shorter to allow more room for thumb grinds. The profile is totally different than any yoyo in the Dif lineup along with a flat and thinner face area allowing for the most massive rim weight percentage of any previous Dif-e-Yo for even longer spin time.

    Packaged in a covered tin with 2 extra Dif-Pads.

    Note: Advanced Yoyo. Requires binding.

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