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Sugar Rush

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    Sugar Rush has so many uses there is not enough room to list them here. A fantastic gimmick that allows you to do magic with something that almost everybody loves... candy!

    The Effect:
    isted below are a handful of favorites taught on the DVD

    HERSHEY MINI ACROSS- Cleanly and fairly display that you have nothing more than two Hershey Minis in your hands- A Krackel and, say, a Hershey's Dark. Ask your spectator to name one of them. Let's say they name the Hershey's Dark. Close your fingers around the two bars. With absolutely no moves, the Hershey's Dark vanishes from your hand and instantly appears in your other hand. Or have it appear in nearly any 'impossible location.' Brian teaches many other variations on this basic usage including an open-handed 'invisible toss.' Carry two Hershey's minis with you and you're ready to fry anybody, anytime, anywhere. Even surrounded! When you're done, celebrate the moment by handing them a chocolate and enjoying one for yourself.

    CANDY THRU MUG/TABLECLOTH/TABLE- So simple. Yet so utterly impossible. With rolled up sleeves, completely empty hands and absolutely nothing more than a Krackel, a Mr. Goodbar, and an empty coffee cup you're ready to perform miracles . The empty cup is turned over (and yes, it really is empty.) And yes, the two candies are really resting on your hand. Close your fingers around them and tap the upside down cup. Instantly the Goodbar goes through the bottom of the cup and inside of it. The spectators can even lift the cup themselves. Next, you fairly place both candies under the cup. With no moves one of the candies appears outside the cup. You can then make the candy go through napkins, tablecloths, and even the table itself!

    ZIPLOCK PENETRATION- A combination of principles that makes for pure visual magic with apparently no explanation. Show a clear, ziplocked bag filled with Mr. Goodbars and clearly nothing other than Mr. Goodbars. Pick up 3 other candies and explain that you're going to make your favorite candy, say the Krackel, magically penetrate through the baggie. Proceed to knead it right through the plastic! It doesn't get any fairer looking than this. Remove the Krackel while showing it truly is in the bag with the Goodbars! The spectators will immediately reach for the bag. Let them, as the bag and all the candies inside are 100% examinable. You've got absolutely nothing to hide.

    Recommended For:
    This is a very easy trick to carry around, making it great for anyone who wants to surprise people with a super-visual "impromptu" trick

    Trick Specifications:
    Includes two custom machined gimmicks, one 30 minute DVD and a few SR Pro Accessories as a complimentary bonus.

    Skill Level: Easy.
    Category: Street Magic.

    Geek Guarantee

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    Review by Brooke
    Ease Of Use
    This is an incredibly easy trick to preform and is very small to carry around!!Way over priced but I needed it because Justin Flom's performance just blew me away!!!! (Posted on 6/29/14)
    Review by Brad
    Ease Of Use
    If apparently impromptu magic, with "ordinary" object is something that appeals to you, as opposed to the more spectacularly absurd, Brian Platt's well -thought -out props and routines will appeal to you. In the right place, at the right time this will astound. I can't imagine that anyone would think that such a common objec (candy) would be gaffed. Lots of room also for anyone with the slightest
    (sleightist?) bit of creativity to come up with other uses for this or its principle to be applied to other things. The tendency to over-use this should be avoided. Great trick. (Posted on 4/30/13)
    Review by jack
    Ease Of Use
    Sorry To Say Penguin Magic .Com Has It For Ceaper Its Only 29 Dollars (Posted on 8/21/11)
    Review by mitch
    Ease Of Use
    As Of Right Now Sugar Rush Is My No.2 Trick Behind Digital Dissolve. When I Was First Introduced To Sugar Rush I Thought, What An Amazing Idea! The Dvd Explains Thoroughly Almost Every Move Move Possible With The Candies (However, The Moves Are Unlimited). Basically Click Add To Cart And I Will Assure You, You'Ll Have No Regrets. (Posted on 8/19/11)
    Review by you
    Ease Of Use
    This Trick Is Awsome Buy It Buy It Buy It Add To Cart Add To Cart (Posted on 8/2/11)
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