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Sucker Die Box

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    Have your audience amazing with this classic "sucker" type magic effect.

    The Effect:
    You place a hat or other type of container on the table. Then you display a solid wooden die and a box with two compartments and four doors. With all doors open, the die is placed into the left compartment. The doors are closed. The box is tilted to one side, and the audience can hear the die sliding into the right compartment. You tell them that the die has "disappeared" and open the left hand door to "prove" it. Of course, they tell you that the die was just slid over into the other compartment. So you close the door, tilt the box so the audience hears the die slide to the left compartment, and again declare that the die has "disappeared", opening the right side door this time. The audience tells you that the die has just slid over to the left. So this time, you open the right side AND the left side doors- the die has indeed vanished! And you produce the die from the hat that was sitting on your table all along!

    The Sucker Die Box is a classic of magic! The components are constructed of quality wood and painted with bright paint and a professional clear-coat.

    Recommended For:
    Children's Performer's, Clown's and Stage Magician's.

    Trick Specifications:
    Quality Wooden Construction.

    Skill Level:Easy.
    Category:Stage Magic.

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    Review by Jake
    Ease Of Use
    This is one of those tricks that the audience can really feel involved in, then comes the part that makes them feel dumb.
    (Posted on 4/9/13)
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