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Street Cents

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    A new effect by Andrew Gerard.

    The Effect:
    The performer gives a spectator his/her business card folded up and asks them to place it in their pocket for later. Then a game of "which coin in the hand" is played 5 times in a row and a score is kept of the spectator's hits and misses. The performer asks the spectator to remove the business card that’s been in their pocket all along. They open it without the performer ever touching it and it matches their score!

    Bonus Effects:

    NON Cents:
    The magician/mentalist reaches into his/her pocket and pulls out a closed fist announcing it contains 3 coins and asks a spectator to play a little game of imagination. The spectator is asked to name a coin, and ANY coin they name the magician will pull out of his hand. After the coin is named and removed, the magician announces the game wasn’t fair, opening his hand showing it completely empty!

    Chair Cents:
    A routine idea for stage (this idea is worth 5 times the price for a working performer)! You will love what Andrew Gerard has done with this gimmick.

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for any close-up performer as it combines elements of street magic, mentalism and money magic..

    Trick Specifications:
    Special gimmick and instructions.

    Skill Level: Easy.
    Category: Coin and Money, Street, Mentalism.

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