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Stitched by Alex Kolle

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    With Stitched by Alexander Kolle, that torn hole in your pants just became your new best friend.

    The Effect:
    You've been walking around with a semi-fashionable TORN HOLE in your PANT'S LEG. You hold your genuinely EMPTY HAND above the torn hole for just a moment..and the HOLE INSTANTLY HEALS ITSELF! Your HAND is still GENUINELY EMPTY. The hole is really GONE. Your pants can be IMMEDIATELY EXAMINED (which can be high entertainment in itself).

    There's been a few attempts at solving the "Torn Pants" problem in the past..but nothing comes close to Alex Kölle's SUPER EASY, EMPTY HANDS solution. You can adapt the custom gimmick to any style or color jeans, pants or shorts. You can even use a SPECTATOR'S HAND TO HEAL THE HOLE! And the visuals of STITCHED are PERFECT. There's literally nothing to see but the STUNNING ILLUSION of an empty hand instantly healing the ripped pants!

    Recommended For:
    The organic nature of this effect makes it ideal for street, impromptu and walk-around settings.

    Trick Specifications:
    Complete with special stitched goodies and DVD.

    Skill Level: Easy.
    Category: Street Magic.

    Geek Guarantee

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    Review by AllenDarc809
    Ease Of Use
    I Would Love To Give You A Quick Review Of Stitched! The Effect That You See On The Demo Is Almost Exactly What It Looks Like In Real Life. You Will Recieve A Very Well Made Dvd That Has Alexander Teaching You The Effect Wounderfully, And The Matierials To Make 2 Gimmicks. It Takes About 10 Minutes To Make A Gimmick And You Can Make It Look However You Want In Order To Fit Your Style, It Even Supplies The Glue! There Are Also About 8 Different Handelings Using The Gimmicks And Each One Is Equaly Great, The Spectators Won’T Ever Figure It Out. If Your Worried About Making Your Own Gimmick, Then Dont Be! You Will Have No Problem Mking The Gimmick At The Same Speed That It Is Tought At. Also, You Can Use The Same Gimmick On Almost Any Kind Of Leg Wear, Not Just Jeans. The Gimmicks That You Make Will Last Years, Even If The Get Worn Down They Just Work Better. If You Get To A Point That You Don’T Like Your Gimmicks Any More, Then You Can Get All Of The Things You Need At The Local Dollar Store. Stitched Is By Far One Of My Best Purchases. Oh, And One Last Thing, The Reactions On This Are Unbelievable!, Without A Dought You Will Love This Effects Ease Of Use, Visual Aspects, And The Method(S) Will Make You Smile, For Beginners And Pros Stitched Is One Heck Of A Must Buy! (Posted on 7/8/12)
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