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Stars and Hexes (Elite) by Reed McClintock - Trick

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    Reed McClintock has done it again, and decided to share one of his most sought-after secrets, "Stars & Hexes", a truly shocking and awe-inspiring effect.

    Take a step into your mind's eye for a moment, and imagine this: You draw a star, for instance, on your arm, then have a spectator cover the image with their hand. You snap your fingers and...the star is gone without a trace, only to reappear in the palm of your hand! Again the star disappears and miraculously re-materializes on your spectator's arm!

    You can perform this jumping-image effect for just one person, or bring in two, three, even four people.

    This material includes Reed's ideas for different effects with tattoos, such as color, shape and location changes.

    This effect is not a knuckle buster. It is a perfect effect for restaurant work, trade shows, hospitality suites, walk-around, parlor, one on one, schools, churches, mentalism, bizarre magic, and just because you can.

    Leave your audience with the illusion that you have just created real magic.

    Comes complete with fully photo-illustrated instructions and all the necessary gimmicks.
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