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SRX Russian Ball 78

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Product code: JS209

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    The Play SRX ball is perfect for body tricks, dead drops, body catches. The SRX is partially filled with very thin quartz sand, which makes this style of juggling simple. We've also feel this is a great choice for those who enjoy traditional type juggling.

    The SRX features Plays new rotary molded PVC soft shell and new soft colored "invisible" plugs.

    The SRX ball is a perfect balance of the demanded "Russian" style with Play Juggling's emphasis on technology, juggling feel and durability. Jugglers are sure to embrace the SRX and it's soft shell and "Russian" style benefits. The 78mm style features a high gloss rubber finish on the ball.

    Diameter 3.07 in. (78 mm) Weight 4.23 oz. (120 g).

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Matt Johnson
    Ease Of Use
    I Got These Balls In Yesterday, I Love Them!!!! The Colors Are Amazing (The Blue And The Ornge Are My Favs) Great Weight And Feel Unlike He Other Russian Balls I Have Juggled They Are Made Out Of The Same Material As Stage Balls Except Much Thinner Insted Of Plastic. (Posted on 3/23/11)
    Review by Asi
    Ease Of Use
    Very Pleased With Them. When I First Got These Balls They Would Wobble In The Air And I Was Not Pleased With Them. Then I Was Told To Add More Sand And They Would Not Wobble, And Thats Why I Now Love Them. If You Like Cascades Like Inverted Shower, Three In One Hand, Cherry Picker Or 4 Ball Mills Mess (My Favourite) Then These Balls Will Really Build Your Shoulders, Chest And Arms. (Posted on 8/5/09)
    Review by Daniel
    Ease Of Use
    Superb For Training Balls. I Took The Plug Out And Filled Them 80% Full (With Fine Sand Heated First) And They Now Weigh 300Grams Each. They Are Still Soft Yet Give You A Great Workout At 300 Grams Each. (Posted on 5/3/09)
    Review by chris
    Ease Of Use
    Great Ball, A Lot Like My Sil-X... But With Much More Of A Dead Drop. (Posted on 3/27/08)
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