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Smoke and Mirrors by Rick Marcelli - Book

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    A collection of secrets, insights, tips, valuable lessons, experiences and "True Hollywood Stories" that Rick Marcelli experienced talent buyer, and TV Producer. Rick has represented some of the biggest names in music, acting, comedy and magic. Most notably, he launched the career of the biggest star the magic world has ever known, Mr. David Copperfield.

    Included in the book are subjects such as:
    • Getting your act together
    • Do you need representation
    • Who and When
    • What makes a star
    • Show biz secrets
    • The future of variety and magic
    • Reading resources
    • Lists of valuable contacts
    "Rick Marcelli is the genius behind the biggest names in magic. He's one of the top managers in the industry!"
    - Danny Heller, Entertainment consultant, Talent buyer, Harrah's

    "Of managers, Rick has always been my favorite. He is a visionary and Magic's Biggest Starmaker" -Jonathan Pendragon, Magician

    "Rick Marcelli has the midas touch. He knows what audiences want, and what television is looking for!" -Milt Larsen, Founder of the Magic Castle

    "Rick Marcelli is phenomenal!" -Jim Steinmeyer, Theatrical illusion designer

    "If anyone knows the secrets of success in Magic, it's Rick Marcelli." -Michael Blum, Executive Produce for Criss Angel's 'Mind Freak', A&E Network

    "I am always happy to take this call 24/7. Rick Marcelli has the track record for making Stars in Magic!" -Rob Heller, Agent, William Morris Agency

    "Rick has drive." -Stan Allen, Publisher, Magic Magazine

    Pages 138 - Softbound
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