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Siteswaps DVD

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    The siteswap DVD comes from Media Circus after five years of work, blood, sweat, tears and tantrums, late nights, early mornings, round the world trips, caffe lattes, cups of tea, hours poring over historical manuscripts, and lots of people saying "when's it going to be ready??"

    Siteswap notation is a mathematical way of describing and creating juggling tricks.

    Three double-layer professionally replicated DVDs in a commemorative souvenier box cover. Just like Lord of The Rings, only better! This DVD contains Five hours of high-quality footage of some of the world's best jugglers juggling just about every siteswap pattern you can think of including solo and group siteswaps. Another hour of illustrated explanations of Siteswaps suitable for beginner and experts alike. You'll also get four hours of fascinating interviews with the creators and inventors of siteswap. Media Circus pieces together the history and comes up with some surprising new facts, including historic footage of the first time (6x,4) was ever juggled in public. Fascinating information for the novice and the expert alike.

    Along with all this you'll get a ninety minute lecture from renowned juggling mathematician Professor Allen Knutson covering the mathematics of siteswaps, combinatorial mathematics as applied to siteswaps, the Affine Weyl theory, and much more. Worth the price of admission on its own.

    Ben Beever, Peter Bone, Vincent Bruel, Luke Burrage, Iñaki Fernandez Sastre, Sean Gandini, Sylvain Garnavault, Max Haverkamp, Joelle HuguenIn, Manu Laude, Ian Marchant, Samuli Männistö, Denis Paumier, Pablo Reboleiro, Owen Reynolds, Almut Sarrazin, Jouni Temonen, Tomoko Tokushige, Norihide Tokushige, Wilson Raul Vargas Torres, Nen eJacob Vargas Torres, Kristian Wanvik, Nate Williams, Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Adam Chalcraft, Charlie Dancey, Mike Day, Martin Frost, Paul Klimek, Allen Knutson, Bruce Tiemann, ColinWright, and those kids in the park.

    Runtime: 11 Hours (3 Disc DVD Set).

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by jack
    Ease Of Use
    Amazing. Anybody Can Learn At Least One Siteswap From This Dvd. Truly Fantastic, Amazing Jugglers, Great Job Sean! (Posted on 6/13/08)
    Review by Oswaldo Ardilles
    Ease Of Use
    The Other Reviewer Above Must Have Missed The Whole Explanations Section On Dvd 1. This Is All Spoken Aloud And Is An Hour Or More And It'S An Explanation Of Siteswaps By Sean Gandini From The Very Basic Up To The Complicated. I'Ve Been Juggling Siteswap For A Very Long Time And I Learned Things I Never Knew. Also 1 And 2 Object Make Valid Siteswaps, So I Have No Gripes With The Two Ball Section At All. Anyhow, This Dvd Set Is Really Beautifully Filmed And Edited. There Are Fantastic Surreal Scenes Like Vincent Juggling In Front Of The British Queen At Buckingham Palace. Lots Of Humor. And If You'Re Watching The Juggling Scenes And Leave It To Run It Just Goes Into Random Play, Which Is Way Cool. Did I Say The Music Was Great Too? So If I Could Give This A 6 I Would! (Posted on 7/26/07)
    Review by RunningDuck
    Ease Of Use
    I Am So Torn About This Video. The Good: The Video Is Packed With Tricks And Variations. Every Juggler Who Likes To Throw Things Into The Air With Their Hands Is Bound To Find Something They Can Draw Inspiration From In This Video. Also, The Interviews Are Interesting, And The Technical Information About The Mathmatics Of Juggling Is Fascinating. The Bad: You You Aren'T A Visual Learner, You'Re Going Ot Have A Hard Time Picking Up A Lot Of The Tricks. I Learn By Words. Talk To Me. Write Things Down. I'Ll Learn. Through All Of The Patterns And Variations, Everything But The Interviews, Basically, Nobody Says A Word. If You Learn Visually, Great, You'Ll Have No Problem. If You Don'T, You'Ll Be Frustrated By An Instructional Video With No Instruction. Also, They Start With A Long Section On Two-Ball Juggling Patterns. I Have A Philosophical Problem With This. Yeah, It'S Kinda Neat Looking. But It'S Not Juggling. If You'Re Using Two Hands, You Need At Least Three Balls To Be Juggling. But, That'S Just My Gripe. In Short: Great Information, When They Present Information. The Demo Sections Are Full Of Great Inspiration For Everybody. A Very Good Video. (Posted on 1/24/07)
    Review by Kaskade Magazine
    Ease Of Use
    Anyone Who Is Fascinated By Tricks That Go Beyond The Three-Object Cascade - Either To Juggle Them Yourself Or Just To Watch Then - Will Love This Dvd (Posted on 1/11/07)
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