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Silencer by Jeff Prace

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    You borrow any smartphone. The spectator plays a song as loud as possible. Without pressing any buttons, you cause the phone to silence.

    People do not leave their house without their phones. The impact of performing amazing magic with such a personal artifact is unrivaled.

    With Jeff Prace's ingenious Silencer gimmick, you have the ability to mute any device that plays music. There are no unnatural movements, and Jeff even shows you how to silence a phone while in the spectator's hand or on a table. Everything is immediately examinable.

    As a bonus, Jeff teaches two additional smartphone principles: Scribble and Split.

    In Scribble, spectator-drawn doodles magically change into anything... a word, a name, or a selected card. You can even have one spectator read another's mind. This principle has endless possibilities, and Jeff walks you through several in great detail.

    The Split concept allows you to audibly fix a pair of broken headphones. This intimate effect creates an experience for the spectator unlike anything they have ever felt before. A second routine is included in which the magician alters a spectator's memory.

    The magic is easy, practical, and powerful. Gimmicks are included so you can start performing right away!
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    Review by Zack
    Ease Of Use
    The silencer never fails to get a good reaction there's barely any sleight of hand and the reset happens right in front of them The only problem is you CANNOT silence ANY cellphone like it says only certain types. Scribble is fun to use to make anything go from a scribble to a chosen card or name or anything. Split takes a lot of set up but it is totally worth it. (Posted on 11/3/13)
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