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SIL-X Implosion Ball 100mm

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    The SIL-X is the ultimate contact juggling ball. It's a soft stage transparent ball with a very special feature which is the result of an intense research work: 1/3 of its internal volume is filled with a special colored silicone liquid. The center of mass is low and the ball remains super stable for advance contact juggling play.

    The principle of the SIL-X Ball is similar to the Russian balls' although it's a very different ball. The colored silicone liquid, unlike any kind of grain, slides perfectly inside the ball so that even when the ball is thrown with a spin it doesn't wobble in the air. Moreover the silicone is injected through a very small hole allowing Play to use an almost invisible plastic tapered pin as a plug.

    This special colored silicone liquid is totally non-toxic (normally used in the food industry as a lubricant), and therefore is totally safe. The outer shell of the ball is rotary molded much like stage balls with a deep set hole that holds the “invisible plug” firmly in place. This is undoubtedly the most advanced juggling ball on the market today! Designed, engineered and produced by the same team that brought you the indisputably top of the range PX3 juggling clubs.

    Note to curious jugglers although the plug can be extracted and is extremely hard to push into the ball, you should not force it inside otherwise you will not be able to recuperate it.

    Diameter: 3.94 Inch (100mm)
    Weight: 10.6 Ounce (300g)

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by James
    Ease Of Use
    Just Got This Ball In, But The Initial Impression Is Amazing. It'S So Easy To Do Body Rolls And Stalls Thanks To The Super Low Center Of Gravity And The Amount Of Weight. It'S Not Too Heavy, Just Enough To Keep It Held On To Your Limbs During Fast Transfers. The Ball Is Also Quite Tacky And Holds On To Your Skin Really Well. The Ball Is Transparent, And The Silicon Does Glide Fairly Effortlessly Around Inside The Ball. It Will Hold On To The Sides Of The Ball A Tiny Bit In A Thin Layer, Which Makes The Entire Ball Tinted The Color Of The Liquid Inside. This Does Help Obscure The Plug, And Helps Prevent It From Totally Destroying The Illusion, Though Acrylics Are Still Going To Be The Best For Creating Illusions. The Ball Does Wobble A Very Tiny Amount During Throws If You Are Not Spinning It Fairly Fast At Launch, But It'S Not Going To Make The Ball Go Wildly Off Course. Comparing This To A Sand Filled Ball, The Wobble Is Barely Noticeable. All In All, It Seems Like An Excellent Ball For Contact Juggling With Small Tosses Mixed In. I Do Not Think I Would Like To Juggle A Set Of These, Though. I Do Think I Have Found My Go To For A Practice Ball, Though. (Posted on 3/19/12)
    Review by Jordan Harper
    Ease Of Use
    I Got The Clear One And It Looks Really Awesome. It Is Very Well Balanced And A Great Size For Body Rolls And Really Keeping Control. It Has A Seam Right Through The Middle That I Find Pretty Annoying But Overall It Is A Stunning Looking Ball That Grabs Attention. (Posted on 10/28/11)
    Review by nick
    Ease Of Use
    This Ball Is The Great. It Made Me 4 Times Better In 2 Weeks. It Roles At A Perfect Speed And Isnt Heavy But Not To Light. Great To Learn Body Rolls Or Anything For Single Ball Play. I Would Recommend This Ball To Anyone. Also It Looks Great And Doesnt Damage When You Drop It. 5 Stars (Posted on 7/22/11)
    Review by Chris
    Ease Of Use
    A Great Ball For Contact Juggling, Looks So Killer! (Posted on 12/9/10)
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