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Secure a Card

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    A spectators signed card changes places with a blank card around your neck.

    You show a blank card that is attached on a lanyard around your neck. You ask a spectator to choose and sign any random playing card. The spectator then placed their signed card in a card box. You state that you will make their sign card vanish. When you open the card box there is still a card inside. You explain that their card did vanish and show that the card is now blank. You then remind the spectator that at the beginning you showed them a blank card attached to the lanyard around your neck. When you turn this over, it is now the spectators signed card. Everything is examinable.

    -Instant reset
    -Very easy to do
    -Everything can be handed out for examination at the end

    Included are:
    -A DVD with full explanations of two types of routines
    -All gimmicks(cards and lanyard). We explain how to make your own refills.

    Supply your own deck.

    "I saw this performed; I haven't been fooled that bad for a long time!"
    -Kevin Schaller

    " Simon showed me this more than 4 years ago now.. Ever since then I have performed this at least once a week and it never ever fails to get a gasp. Such a strong piece of magic that im sure you will never leave home with out.. I never do"
    -Alan Rorinson
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