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Schrodinger's Balls (DVD and Props) by Rajan and Alakazam Magic - DVD

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    Alakazam is proud to present Schrodinger's Balls a master piece of magical entertainment by Rajan, one of the UK's leading sleight of hand performers. Rajan has been entertaining top professionals and A-list celebrities around the world for more than a quarter of a century. This routine has got him more repeat bookings than any another. Just open the box, put on the dvd and start playing with your little red balls.

    10 mins of magical fun with this elegant sponge balls 'over the head' performance piece, directly from Rajan's own Stand-Up show.

    People can't help but laugh when something they understand goes over the heads of others... It's human nature! This piece of entertainment is built on just that. Imagine sponge ball after sponge ball literally flying over the head of your "helper". Everyone else sees them but your "helper" doesn't. That's funny! BUT it doesn't stop there... just when the audience think they know what's about to happen, Rajan changes pace and technique, fooling EVERYONE.

    An unbelievably hilarious live performance. Side splitting gags and one liners entwined with perfect routining makes for a very funny and powerful presentation. Sophisticated sponge ball vanishes taught. Essential timing, diabolical psychology, misdirection, audience management and other nuances explained in great depth.

    This is a balls over the head routine unlike any other. It takes away all the fear of being "caught" by your "helper" and leaving you nowhere to go. Perfect for Stage, Parlour, Stand-up, Formal close-up and Kids shows.

    Comes Complete With: 5 x 2" High Quality Goshman Super Soft Sponge Balls and an in depth performance and explanation DVD, that covers every aspect for this fun packed routine in full detail!

    "Magic, like experimental physics, can drive you crazy, in fact it can just fly over your head"
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