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Salt & Silver

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    Salt and Silver by Giovanni Livera is Seasoned to Perfection!

    Beautiful productions, smooth vanishes, and impossible appearances, Salt & Silver has all of this and more. Not only is Salt & Silver a polished, show ready signature routine from one of magic's greatest innovators, Giovanni Livera, it is also the perfect thing to sharpen your sleight of hand and master your misdirection. With this DVD you will learn every detail of this time tested audience pleaser. Seasoned to perfection, this is Salt & Silver.

    "It is surprising, amazing, humorous and very magical. I was both fooled and delighted."
    - Eugene Burger

    "As good as I have seen. His timing and misdirection are perfect. Go for it!"
    - Dean Dill

    "Unlike most table tricks this one is sophisticated and magical enough to include in a formal performance. Dinner and a show."
    - Eric Mead

    "This routine is subtly seasoned to please. It is Tommy-Wonderful. Malini would have swooned. Vernon would have wept."
    - Jon Racherbaumer

    "I watched Gio do this routine three times and each time I saw it, I shook with my head with how magical and amazing it is. One of the most entertaining and mystifying effects I have seen in years."
    - Barrie Richardson
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    Review by Ido
    Ease Of Use
    It is great lesson in misdirection but it is overpriced. i could find a salt shaker for 2 dollars. but overall it is great (Posted on 8/26/13)
    Review by Brad
    Ease Of Use
    I love this routine, but its not for beginners and it fits my style of performing I give it only 4 stars because I believe it is a bit over priced. Sure you get a salt shaker with the deal, but I can get a set for a couple of bucks at the local store a prop not needed as an extra for the EXTRA price. I have been doing coin magic for years so it was easy for me to adapt to the moves, he explains almost everything very well, but there are a couple of moves he shows that you can do, but aren’t necessary. He shows the moves, but gives no explanation one such move is the up and over move. A beautiful move I never seen before and would have loved to learn it. but sadly he does not go into any detail of how to perfom it. That being said it does not diminish the quality of the routine. One thought as I watched it for the first time was it seems to have a little bit of that old school magic style quality to it, which is a good thing I believe, it’s still a modern routine. We just don’t see this kind of style to much anymore in magic, which may be part of the reason why Jon Racherbaumer was quoted as saying Vernon would have wept and with the overall great misdirection used in this routine it is a great piece to watch and learn. If the price was a little cheaper I would have given it 5 stars (Posted on 3/15/13)
    Review by The Magician
    Ease Of Use
    I need that but is it worth the price pretty cool abitity to change salt into silver (Posted on 3/10/13)
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