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Roped In by Aldo Colombini - DVD

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    My favorite 10 rope routines.

    Rope Puzzle: Two different sized ropes become equal and then visibly change into one rope.

    Missing Link: Two different colored ropes are linked and they unlink in the hand of a spectator.

    Silk Sensation: You tie a silk around a rope and then it jumps free in the air!

    Knotty Knot: A knot slides back and forth along a white rope and then changes color to red. The red knot slides along the rope and then, when untied, it is seen that it is part of the rope.

    Rope In: A novel handling for the Professor's Nightmare routine. Three different size ropes become the same length and then become one rope that can be tossed in to the audience.

    Professor's Math: A different handling for the Professor's Nightmare with sliding and jumping knots. The rope at the end can be examined as well.

    Sliding Knot: A knot slides along a piece of rope several times. No set-up, no fake knots; featuring the best Slip Knot ever and the amazing and unique One Hand Slip Knot.

    Rope Thru Neck: A length of rope penetrates the neck, twice. You will use this effect forever.

    Penetrating Ropes: Two regular ropes are joined together with several knots and then they magically separate.

    Tighter Rope: Several effects tied together in a long routine featuring a length of rope and two silks.

    All the routines use just regular rope and silks. No gimmicks!

    Running Time Approximately 52min
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