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Ring Master by David Jay

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    Wizard FX Productions are proud to present Ring Master the latest creation from the underground sensation David Jay.

    The Breakdown:
    For years David has been performing the most unbelievably visual ring routines ever seen utilising revolutionary techniques unheard of before. He has never taught any of these routines until now. On this DVD David goes into detail teaching everything he knows about finger ring manipulation.

    The Ringmaster Routine - This stunning three phase routine has been one of David's strongest routines for years. A finger ring jumps visually from hand to finger three times with each phase becoming more impossible.

    Ring Finger - The routine everyone is talking about. An incredibly visual sequence where a ring jumps from the finger of one hand to the finger of the other hand with no cover at all.

    Smoke Ring - An impromptu miracle with a borrowed finger actually melting through the performers finger. This HAS to be seen to be believed.

    Ring Lock - Imagine performing the classic ring flight with a examined regular padlock that is held in full view WHILE the spectator holds the key to the lock. No gimmicks, no reels - simply genius.

    Ring Finish - The ultimate ending to any ring routine. This is one you WILL use.

    Jay Holdout - Produce any amount of rings and vanish them again with ONE HAND! The Jay Holdout allows to perform incredible ring manipulations with ease. The best part is you can set this holdout up anytime anywhere!

    Special Bonus
    Shrinking Pool Ball
    - learn how to make a pool ball visually shrink in mid air.

    Category: Magic DVD.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Brad
    Ease Of Use
    This is without a doubt THE most visual routine you can possibly perform. It looks like trick photography in real life. I have never seen anything like it. I've had magicians say "do that again" and if you try this in the mirror, you'll fool yourself. Laymen will FREAK, and I mean FREAK when you perform this for them, especially if you have the chance to use THEIR RING. Now is this hard to learn? And the answer is no, but if you give this routine the practice and the time to get it down perfectly, well, you saw how it looks in the demo and it will look even better in real life. The entire dvd is really one big routine.

    (Posted on 3/15/13)
    Review by yu sheng
    Ease Of Use
    Its Amazing To See Something Worth Buying And I Love It (Posted on 1/1/12)
    Review by matthew Laflamme
    Ease Of Use
    I Just Got This Dvd In The Mail Earlier Today, And I Love It! It Is Great! And I Put "Ease Of Use" As A 5 Because It Really Is Not To Hard! Some Of The Tricks On This Dvd Will Take Some Practice Though! "If You Do Them Over And Over About 1000 Times A Day Then You Could Probably Get Them In About Two Days!"- David Jay. This Dvd Has Some Really Great Stuff Under Its Sleeves! (It Also Has Some Amazing Stuff That Was Not On The Demo!) Over All, This Is A Great Dvd And I Hope You Add It To Your Collection! (Posted on 9/13/11)
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