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Remarkable by Richard Sanders

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    Transform your Sharpie Marker into a secret weapon! Years in development, Remarkable is a real Sharpie Marker....MADE BY SHARPIE!

    The Effect:

    With 2 cards selected, show your Sharpie marker clearly on both sides. With a shake, the logo on your Sharpie marker visibly transforms into their selected card. Give it another shake and the second selection appears on the very same marker. Leaving you with a magically altered Sharpie Marker, that is completely examinable.

    As magicians, we all carry a Sharpie Marker, but other than using it to sign cards, it does nothing. Now you can turn that wasted space into a powerful new effect. Remarkable is an effect that is always on you because IT IS PART OF YOUR SHARPIE MARKER.

    Why just carry a marker be REMARKABLE instead!


    2 killer routines
    Live performances
    Custom Sharpies supplied
    Full training DVD
    Reveal 1 or 2 cards
    Instant reset
    Fully examinable


    Full training DVD
    Custom Sharpie Markers

    Geek Guarantee
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