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Regal Color-Changing Deck

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  • Product Description


    A professional-quality routine that anyone can do.

    The Effect:
    A card is selected and the back changes color, Then the face changes color. Suddenly, the backs of all the cards change color and then all the faces change. Spades and culbs turn red diamonds and hearts turn black.

    Recommended For:
    This visual effect is a great way to get attention.

    Trick Specifications:
    Comes complete with gimmick Bicycle deck and 12 page, full-color, photo-illustrated instruction booklet.

    Skill Level:Intermediate.
    Category: Card Tricks.

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    Review by JamestheMagician
    Ease Of Use
    Wsome!! Trick To Buy And Perform. I Own It.. Itd Difficult. To Perform At First. The Instructions Are Very Complex But It Astounds Your Auidance. Very Well Worth It. I Will Be Getting A New One Soon. Because I Have Worn Mine Out I Have Used It So Much. I Have Had It For A Long Time. As Everybody Knows, Decks Get Worn Out. Its A Fact. But Its An Awsome Trick To Have.. Highly Recomended (Posted on 12/11/09)
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