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Radiant Illuminated Beanbag

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Product code: JS272

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  • Product Description


    We're happy to finally offer our customers a quality illuminated beanbag! Perfect size for beginner's or number's juggler's. Light up your juggling act with these beanbags, each bag is hand-stitched, battery charged, constructed of 12 soft colored panels and feel great to juggle!

    The Radiant Beanbag illuminates a white light and is charged by replaceable button cell batteries. The batteries have an average life of 10-20 hours and replacements are available in either regular or re-chargeable.

    Color: Multi-Colored Bag / White Lights.

    Diameter and Weight:
    2.50 Inch (64 mm) - 3.0 ounces (85 g)

    NOTE: These bags are sold individually!

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Will
    Ease Of Use
    Ok, So These Things Are Great!!! They'Re My New Favorite Prop To Juggle! The Only Thing That Is A Bit Strange Is That I Got 5 Different Colors. One That Strobes, One Green, One Light Green, Pink, And Blue. I Like Them But If I Knew That Jugglingstore Had More Colors I Would Have Ordered All Green. Overall A Very Good Product, Highly Recommended For Someone Who Wants To Add A Little Light To Their Act. (Posted on 4/25/08)
    Review by TNSv30
    Ease Of Use
    I Ordered 6 Of These, And So Far I Am Very Pleased With Them. They Illuminate Very Brightly, And Are Very Nice To Juggle With. Good Price Too! .....But What Good Is A Review If I Don'T Point Out A Few Things That I Dislike??? These Bags Are Very Loosely Filled, Which Isn'T Necessarily A Bad Thing, Just Fyi. Also, The Filling Is Inconsistent, Two Of Mine Are Smaller Than The Other Four. These Are Great For All Around Juggling, But Don'T Use Them For Regular Practice Of Really High Throws, They Might Not Last Very Long If You Drop Them Hard Repeatedly. Overall: Very Good Product, Not Great, But Still Very Good. (Posted on 11/18/07)
    Review by juggleboy
    Ease Of Use
    I Dont Actually Have These, I Have The Ones That Were Sold Before (The Crocheted Ones) And Those Were Awesome. Very Robust And A Great Light Up, Plus Long Battery Life. If These Replaced Those, They Must Be Really Good (Posted on 2/4/07)
    Review by hacky kid
    Ease Of Use
    This Is Just Fantastic, I Guess They'Re Designed For Juggling But They Feel Like A Hacky Sac So I Use Mine For That, Its Totally Robust Too! Does Anyone Play Hacky Around Simi Valley? (Posted on 5/25/06)
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