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Pyrofreak 3.0 Ultimate by Edo - Trick

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    PYROFREAK 3.0 Evolution is a completely redesigned fire device and it's use is not limited to only Flash paper. PYROFREAK 3.0 is the world's smallest electronic ignitor and works very well with all pyro-products and various fire-based products like petrol candle, matches, fireworks, etc...

    What is NEW in PYROFREAK 3.0?
    • NO REFILL - hard ignition top, doesn't need to be replaced any more...
    • NO BATTERY - customer doesn't need to buy batteries any more...
    • EASY CHARGING - USB charging cable with nokia power jack...3-5 minutes charging for 50 ignitions
    • NO CABLES - cable free device. efficient use in TT, palm or at pull...
    • CARRY BAG - Comes in a hard plastic carry bag. Suitable to transport the gimmick or pyro-products...
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