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Prestidigitators Almanac Volume 1 by Keith Arlen Lack - Book

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    A Publication Dedicated To Exploring How Modern Technology Can Be Applied To The Art Of Magic.

    The very first volume of a ground braking publication in magic. Eighteen pages of magic and mayhem. Four original effects straight out of Keith's personal repertoire.

    In this Volume:
    • Editors Note
    • The "DEAR BOSS" letter and how to make them. This effect sold for $45.00. Now you can make your own as you need them. This is a killer séance effect where a historically accurate letter written by Jack the Ripper is read and a bloody hand print mysteriously appears on it at the end.
    • "BUTTERFLY EFFECT" - The spectator actually sees a tattoo of a butterfly on the performer come to life and flies off.
    • Ten "PERFORMANCE TIPS" from Keith himself. Over 25 years of performance knowledge is shared in this fantastic publication.
    • "BLEEDING HEART" - After an ace assembly, the center pip on the ace of hearts is poked with a pin and it bleeds scarlet blood down the card. The card is then handed out for inspection or as a startling souvenir. The handling offered here also works for other effects included in the Almanac, like "VOODOO KING". This is the ultimate stigmata effect.
    • "TAROT CARDS form the EDGE and BEYOND" - This one defies the laws of probability and will leave your spectator shaken but not stirred.
    • The "PRESTIDIGITATORS ALMANAC" also includes hi resolution original art for reproducing the effects described in it as well as step by step photos and instructions on how to make them and where to get the hard to find stuff to do it. It also includes an 8" by 10" print of the poster from Keith's popular one man show "CABINET of CURIOSITIES".
    If you are a serious performer looking for information on making up your own props and effects, this is the publication for you. Future volumes will include information on card splitting and card gaffs, mold making and casting and the creative process behind some of the most popular effects in magic today.

    Pages 18
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