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PrediChange by Yonel Arcade

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  • Product Description


    An extremely sought after and visual color changing card by Yonel Arcade.

    The Effect:

    Cause the writing on the back of a playing card to change VISUALLY. The commercial appeal of changing handwriting on a card (not just the card itself) is unusual and unexpected, and with Predichange it's now possible to learn it in minutes!

    Here's just one possible effect with the handmade Predichange:

    The magician attempts to predict a selected card by writing it on the back of a playing card. Unfortunately, he predicts the wrong card. But then, without EVER moving the card out of view, he causes the prediction to CHANGE VISUALLY into the correct, handwritten prediction.

    The angles are great, and the change is completely automatic.

    Trick Specifications:
    The special card included (always red Bicycle cards) makes adding this to your repertoire a breeze.

    Skill Level:

    Card Magic, Card Revelations.

    Geek Guarantee

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by joe
    Ease Of Use
    ok, so i got mine today as a thanksgiving present, and needless to say it was amazing. i first opened my DVD and i saw the card inside, i didint yet know how it worked but i could make the prediction change! it was easy and fooling me. it wasn't until like 5 seconds later that i opened the bag and started playing around with it. i have already showed all my family and friends at my thanksgiving party and they're all astounded. i can't wait to take this on the street. YOU NEED THIS! i would recommend this to anybody looking for an awesome trick. the only problem with the DVD is that its in French and has a not so good voice over, its kind of confusing. But once you've used it for a bit and watched a few minutes of the DVD you will make your own routines and be imaginative, also you can only change this into the same prediction each time but its ok because as long as you have a few good routines you can show people as much as you want and they will love it :) MUST BUY! (Posted on 11/28/13)
    Review by scot
    Ease Of Use
    So like Chris was saying in his review, this is a great concept for the gimmick, but i was a little nervous the gimmick would be seen, the clean up is well explained in the DVD and over all this is a great visual effect- would highly recommend for table hopping or corperate stoling gig, Would decently be worth picking up. (Posted on 11/25/13)
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