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Pick a Card - Any Card? Forcing Book by Royal Magic - Trick

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    Card Forcing Techniques & Uses
    Compiled and Edited by Gabe Fajuri

    The ability to force a playing card is one of the most important techniques a magician can master. By making an unsuspecting spectator select a card of his choice, the magician creates for himself a colossal advantage. Thousands of tricks are made possible. In this booklet, you will be taught several natural methods of forcing cards, including some that are practically self-working, others that require sleight of hand, and even how to create gimmicks that will make forcing cards nearly automatic.

    Once you have mastered card forcing, you will be able to perform the following tricks - and many more - which are explained in detail inside:
    • Cause chosen cards to rise mysteriously from the pack, which is out of your hands!
    • Predict the word a spectator will select from a random book!
    • Cause every spectator to select the same card from a borrowed pack!
    • Transport a selected card inside a piece of fruit!
    • And much, much more.

    Booklet measures approximately 8" x 5" and contains Over Thirty pages with illustrations

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