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Pi: Ring on Band

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    Practical, Versatile and Visual Ring and Rubberband magic by Michael Scanzello.

    The Effect:

    Pi is a MIND BLOWING, Impromptu 4 phase routine with VISUALLY-DEVISTATING LINKS and UNLINKS with a BORROWED RING and rubber band under increasingly impossible conditions! Including a breath-taking, ONE HAND DISPLAY! After 10 YEARS of REFINING and RESEARCH, creating handlings unlike anything you've seen before! Get ready for woman to scream and guys to be transfixed in bewilderment!


    - 100% IMPROMPTU - No Gimmicks or Gaffs!
    - PRACTICAL - Perform it surrounded in real world conditions!
    - VERSATILE - Link bracelets, hair ties, even pretzels!
    - NEW METHOD - The ring dangles on the loose band!
    - WORKER - Takes up no pocket space and resets instantly!
    - A WHOLE ACT - With Crazy Man's Handcuffs and Shoe In you get an entire close-up act!
    - DETAILED TEACHING - Clearly explained up-close from 2 camera angles with first person replay loops and a diagram sheet for key positions!

    Pi: Ring on Band (4 phase routine):

    Phase 1 - The borrowed ring melts through each strand, So smooth and clean people freak out!
    Phase 2 - The ring slowly melts through the band unlike any other handling and is shown in a NEW DISPLAY that will devastate!
    Phase 3 - (Dangling Link) - New Method for linking a ring onto a rubber band that leaves the skeptics speechless!
    Phase 4 - (Lost Link) -The most direct and clean linking of a borrowed ring onto a rubber band possible. If you really could link a ring onto a rubber band THIS is how it would look!
    Alternate Phase - (Master Link) - Featuring the killer ONE HAND DISPLAY and smooth unlink so clean it looks like trick photography in real life!

    Pi: Ring on Band is a ground-breaking effect giving you all the visual impact of a gaffed routine, without the gimmicks or gaffs! Start clean and end clean!

    Bonus Effects:

    Crazy Man's Handcuffs - Michael's presentation and handling to make this classic even better!
    Shoe In (Ring to Shoe) - For laymen, has the impact of ring flight without the gimmick!

    "WOW... Awesome and practical. The new standard in ring on rubber band."
    - Chris Kenner

    "Your work is very nice. I like the way you use multiple methods to build up the believability of each phase. The whole routine is great and I really like the "Lost Link." Visual and smooth."
    - Dan Harlan

    "The third phase (Dangling Link) looked really great. New and from what I know original. good job."
    - Joe Rindfleisch

    Trick Specifications:
    Instructional DVD, 20 Super Stretch Bands, Practice Ring, Full Color Diagram Sheet.

    Skill Level:

    Close-Up, Street Magic

    Geek Guarantee

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