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Permanent Prediction (DVD and Gimmick) by Matt Daniel-Baker - Trick

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    A spectator is handed a Sharpie permanent marker pen. A random card is selected, remembered, then shuffled back into the deck The magician preforms his first miracle, and finds the selected card! He immediately follows it up with an even bigger miracle...

    Permanent Prediction is a perfect "workers weapon". It takes up no extra pocket space, it simply replaces the Sharpie that's already in every magician's pocket!

    The Sharpie is in play from the very beginning of the effect and never leaves your spectator's sight, setting you up to perform a startling revelation!

    Two gimmicked Sharpie pens are included, which can be used in exactly the same way as a regular Sharpie.

    You'll never leave home without it!
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    Review by Cali
    Ease Of Use
    I havent done much magic (i just play around with it and show my family and friends) but I recently got this trick and I was very suprised on how easy it worked- after awhile I thought it was so easy to do that it might be easy revealable but I was very wrong! I GET GREAT REACTIONS but when someone asks if they can see the sharpie I go blank! bu tif u do it right then it is alot of fun and it is very very very easy! a must buy for any beginner in close up magic!!!! the price is high for only a dvd and 2 gimmicked sharpies but most magic is overpriced anyways! might I add that u can only do the trick 2 times, but if u r doing this trick on the street then it doesnt matter! SO BUYYYYY THHHHHIIIISSSSS TRIIIICCCCKKKKK NNNOOOWWWW!!! (Posted on 8/8/13)
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