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Perfect Nail Bend

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    The Perfect Nail Bend Set is just that: Perfect! Bend or straighten fully examinable nails, even when they are held by the spectator.

    Effect #1: Imagine, you show a normal metal nail. You prove it really is normal by having the spectator examine it. Then you ask the SPECTATOR to hold the nail at their finger tips. Next, you ask the spectator to concentrate on the nail. As they do, they see the nail start to bend in THEIR hand! Once the nail stops bending the spectator can examine it. There is NOTHING to find!!! This is as close as it gets to REAL MAGIC!

    Effect #2: Imagine, you show a nail that has been previously bent. You drop it on the table to prove that it is solid. Next, you ask the SPECTATOR to pick up the nail and hold it flat on their hand. The metal nail starts to bend until it is completely straight. The spectator can examine the nail, there is NOTHING to find.

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for the modern Mentalist. No switches, magnets or extra gimmicks.

    Trick Specifications:
    Comes with everything you need plus an instructions.

    Skill Level: Easy.
    Category: Mentalism.

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    Review by spiderguy219
    Ease Of Use
    This Is A Great Trick And I Highly Recommend It. Although At First This Trick Takes A While To Set Up But After A While Of Use It Gets Very Easy. The Performance Is Like A Breeze It Is Very Easy To Use Although The Instructions Seem Like They Were Written Like A 7-Year Old. If You Like Mind Blowing Mentalism Tricks Buy This Now!!!!! (Posted on 6/19/11)
    Review by Sara Giusto
    Ease Of Use
    Non Ho Ricevuto Il Dvd E Non So Che Cosa Ci Sia Di Bello! (Posted on 6/6/11)
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