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Parasol Scabbard (Standard Set) - Trick

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    Parasol Scabbard helps you to secure the parasols and ready to produce during anytime of your performance. As seen on the "Parasol Anywhere DVD by Joker Lam", Joker teaches you various methods of parasols production. With the aid of the Parasol Scabbard, you can easily execute all the Parasol moves smoothly. You no need to worry about the dropping and oblique of parasols during your body movement during your performing.

    Elasitc Belt

    The elegant looking Elastic Belt is a multi-function accessory for Close-up to Stage workers. For stage workers, besides parasols, the Elastic Belt can also used to secure cards, balls, canes/candles, silks, etc. For close-up workers, it can used to secure Jumbo Coins, cards, spongeballs, etc. The loaded items can be produced at anytime of the performance easily.

    Parasol Scabbard Standard Box Set includes:
    - 1 x Single Loaded Parasol Scabbard
    - 1 x Double Loaded Parasol Scabbard
    - 1 x Trousers Parasol Scabbard
    - 1 x Elastic Belt
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