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Out to Dinner by Doc Eason

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    Doc Eason's "Out to Dinner Clip" is an elegant accessory that allows you to perform effects based on the "Out to Lunch" principle while maintaining your image as a classy performer.

    The "Out to Lunch" principle comes from the 1800s, and was originally applied to slates by spirit mediums. Often attributed to Bagshawe, it was actually William Larsen Sr. who first published a magic version with paper cards. His effect, "Finger Prints" can be found in the July 1923 issue of "The Jinx." Our literature is now littered with effects based on the simple principle. But never before has the priciple been used with such style.

    Recommended For: Perfect for those looking for a good way to hand out their business cards.

    Trick Specifications:
    Along with his custom made "Out to Dinner" clip, Doc Eason is releasing one of his favorite routines, and several other cutting edge ideas for its use. Clip Length Approximately 2" (7cm)

    Skill Level:Easy.
    Category: Close-Up.

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