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NaCl Russian Ball 65

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  • Product Description


    The NaCl Russian Ball is the perfect choice for all types of juggling play. Countless hours of testing and design modifications have been completed to ensure the NaCl is the most unrivaled Russian Ball on the market.

    For those not familiar with the "Russian" Style ball, it is a hollow plastic ball injected with a small amount of filler making it stall with ease. This makes it an ideal choice for stalls, dead drops and body rolls. The fill also gives it a very unique shaker sound when juggled.

    Every one of our NaCl Russian Balls is hand filled and weighed to ensure accurate and consistent weight. We found Salt (NaCl) to be the perfect fill for these balls as it is a very thin compound and slides smoothly along the inside of the ball when juggled. Further, other versions of Russian balls were made filled through small slits and then glued back together. This made it impossible to alter the weight of the ball once it is made. What makes the NaCl ball unique is the plug design. The NaCl ball is drilled, filled and then plugged with a black nylon 1/4" plug. This plug now makes it possible for the juggler to change the weight of the ball very easily.

    We are certain that the NaCl Russian Ball is soon going to become the preferred choice of jugglers around the world.

    Diameter and Weight:
    2.56 Inch (65 mm) - 2.82 ounces (80 g).

    Sold Individually.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Jake
    Ease Of Use
    Just Ordered 3 :D (Posted on 10/15/11)
    Review by Mike the juggler
    Ease Of Use
    Maybe Not The Best Juggling Balls. But I Did Get The Same Thing From Another Website. They Are Awsome For Numbers Juggling. But They Won'T Last Long :P But I Would Get Them For Practice Balls. (Posted on 12/20/10)
    Review by Brett
    Ease Of Use
    The Seems Will Split After About 4-5 Months Of Heavy Juggling. Also, Salt Is Too Light. Sand Is Necessary, And Will Create A Stronger 'Russian' Feel. Still A Great Ball, And What I Juggle. However, Save Yourself Some Money And Buy The Same Ball From A Toy Store At 100 For 10 Bucks, Fill It Yourself, And Seal With Glue Gun. Knocked Three Stars Off For Charging 7.89 For A Plug In A 10 Cent Ball. (Posted on 5/23/10)
    Review by kate
    Ease Of Use
    Perfect Numbers Ball, I Also Love Them For Three Ball. Great Feel And Amazing Sounds When Juggled! Highly Recommended... (Posted on 5/5/09)
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