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N2 Coin Set

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    N2 COIN SET is designed by N2G and it has an extraordinary effect in Coin through glass table. N2 can through a 1.5cm thick glass (or a deck of 50-54 pieces bicycle playing cards). Or few kinds of glass more than 1.5cm.

    Quick and simple to set up
    Start and finish with empty hands Each side of the coin can be signed by spectator and magician
    No switches
    Nothing to be get rid of
    Instant reset
    Easy to do
    No angle restrictions

    No matter you are a professional, an amateur magician, or even a completely rookie to coin magic, N2 is your best choice.

    While it is designed and crafted with great carefulness, it will be your perfect partner in a performance. Besides penetration routine, N2 can be used in almost all kinds of coin effect, penetrations, transpositions, appearances, disappearances, changes and more! Some examples:
    -No palm coin to coin purse
    -3 Fly Routine. (No shells used)
    -Appearance &
    -Vanish of Two Coins
    -Coin through bill or sealed bag
    -Color change Plus other possible routines with N2
    (The above effects are not included in the DVD)

    N2 has been crafted from real Kennedy half-dollars. These normal looking coins are actually exquisitely engineered gimmick that are total examinable before and after the effect.

    A high quality leather coin purse (gimmicked) is big enough to pack up all of your coin tricks. Even if, you won't feel redundant whenever and wherever possible you carry it.

    Includes: 2 x US Half Dollar \ 1 gimmicked coin purse \ 8 stickers \ Instructional DVD

    NOTE: DVD is PAL format and may not play on most standard DVD players. However, this will play on a computer with an appropriate player.
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