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    The BIGGEST SCREAM Inducing OUT-OF-CONTROL reactions we've seen in a very long time all from an innocent little breath mint sitting in a spectator's hand!

    The Effect:
    A mint is poured right out of its box onto her hand. It quietly sits there like a well-trained mint, but then the mint suddenly COMES TO LIFE and FLIPS in her hand!

    The FLIPPED-OUT SPECTATOR then closes her fingers around the mint. But when she opens her hand to check...the MINT HAS VANISHED!!

    We're talking a clean, perfect vanish from right out of her hand that DEEPLY ASTONISHES EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    OR dump a mint onto the table and watch it SLOWLY TILT UP ONTO ITS EDGE WHERE IT THEN WINDS ITSELF UP and WHIRLS AROUND like a crazy spinning top!!

    You can even make the mint ANIMATE while under a GLASS on the SPECTATOR'S HAND!!

    There's been quite a few PK effects released in the past, but MOVEMINT moves animation to the next level of joy with its SELF-CONTAINED CONVENIENCE and pure SCREAM-INDUCING POWER.

    Toss the specially gimmicked mint box into your pocket and you're ALWAYS READY. Just bring out the box with your empty hands, dump out a mint...then sit back and watch some of the BIGGEST OUT - OF - CONTROL REACTIONS you've ever witnessed!!

    • Self - contained Gimmick in a standard size mint container
    • Option to NEVER touch the Mint
    • Normal refill mints available from most drug stores.

    Geek Guarantee

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    Review by Eric
    Ease Of Use
    After much debate looking at some high end magic I finally decided that I would give this one a try. I MUST say that this although expensive is worth a large price. I feel that maybe $75 or $80 would be a better price if they want to sell more. The PK technology is fabulous...the mint gimmick box is genious! Most performances are very easy to perform and you can really start and end clean. As with anything just practice and you will be able to do even the hardest performances. The DVD is well made and they give you a few extra performances not shown on the preview. I got this today and have already used it a dozen or more times to everyones amazement. If you want some high wnd magic and your thinking about this one then do wait...BUY IT NOW! (Posted on 7/13/13)
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